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Empowerment Workshops

Finding & Fulfilling Your Purpose

What is my purpose in life? is probably a question most of us have asked ourselves many times.  We provide empower, inspiring and impactful information on how to walk into your purpose one step at a time.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Me or

Leave me

This workshop will encourage participates to learn to demand respect in every area of their life.

Beauty for Ash

Isaiah 61:3

In this workshop we will encourage those going through the process of spiritual, emotional and physical pain to realize that God is going to use the ashes of our situation and turn the ashes into something beautiful.

Transforming &  Transplanting to Grow

Participants will learn about  moving into God's presence,  which will cause us to change  to become like Christ and reflect the Lord's glory.  Our transformation may require us to not only change our lives but our position and location. 

I'm More Than What You See

We all see each ourselves in different ways.  Some of us have a positive perspective on our lives and some of us have a negative perspective.  Come lets learn that what God has created us to be is much more than what we see.

Broken, Repair & Useable

This workshop will inspire, encourage and strengthen those who have been hurt and broken from life experiences.

I will provide custom workshops for my clients


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